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Being arrested for a crime does not mean you are guilty of committing one—not according to the American justice system. So when you have or a family member has been arrested for a crime, request Sal Rivas Bail Bonds to assist you with obtaining a jail release in Miami, FL. We do that by posting jail release bonds for you or your loved one.

Our bail bond company serves as a handy financial resource for jail release service in Miami, Miami Dade County and surrounding Counties in Florida. Contact us today for 24/7 service in English, Spanish & Creole.

In Most Case, the Court Grants Jail Release Bonds

Your freedoms are protected in many ways in the United States—through the Constitution, as well as state, federal, and local laws. You might think of bail bonds as a protection of your rights under all of these layers of law.

You are presumed innocent until proven guilty; therefore, the legal system upholds your rights by granting jail release bonds. In most cases, the court will set bond after an arrest. Exceptions to this include crimes, such as murder and felonies with the penalty of life imprisonment.

Jail Release Service Intercedes with the Court on Your Behalf

By posting 10% of the total bond set by the court, an individual who has been arrested can be released from jail. That money is a guarantee that the person will show up for the scheduled court case.

If not, the individual or bail bond company that put up the money will not get a refund on that money. In Florida, the amount of money a bail bond company can charge for a state or county bond is also 10%. Rely on our company for the most successful jail release service.

Securing Your Freedom following Arrest

Our company is the best at what we do. You will find us to be efficient, effective, and compassionate during this time of trouble. Leave it to us to secure your release from jail or that of your loved one.

Led by owner Sal Rivas, we have been providing people with the ability to get out of jail for nearly 30 years. Dr. Rivas has an impressive record of military, police, and public service that he uses on your behalf. Request our jail release service. Our office is within three blocks of the Miami Dade County Jail.

To get out of lockup after an arrest, contact us today for jail release service. We provide bail bonds for clients in Miami, Miami Dade County and surrounding Counties in Florida.

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