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A felony is a serious crime that carries a penalty of more than one year in prison if convicted. When you or a family member is jailed for a serious crime, seek felony bail bonds in Miami, FL from Sal Rivas Bail Bonds. Our bail bond company recognizes the immediacy of this type of case and acts with urgency to provide one of our felony bonds.


Contact us today for professional help. Our owner is so well respected he was chosen to serve on a Blue Ribbon panel to revise state bail bonds law. We provide Miami, Miami Dade County and surrounding Counties in Florida, with felony bonding.

Felony Bonds: We Are Available 24/7

The consequences for an arrest on a felony are severe, much more so than for a misdemeanor. If you are facing a felony, we urge you immediately to seek the assistance of a dependable and credible bondsman with extensive knowledge about felony bonds.

We are available to you 24/7, and our office is located only three blocks away from the Miami Dade County Jail. Language is no barrier; our agents speak English, Spanish & Creole.

Unlike a misdemeanor, which could result in community service or time in the county lock-up if convicted, a felony in punishable by time served in a state prison or even the death penalty. There are five different types of felonies in Florida, but call on us to help you make bail for all manner of serious arrests.

Felony Bonding: Paying a Bond for Your Freedom

Felony Bonding: Paying a Bond for Your Freedom

It is our responsibility to act on your behalf in these circumstances. We can explain what the process is in layman's terms so you understand what is happening. Our bond agents pay the court, so you do not spend time one minute more in jail than you must. Sometimes collateral is required to secure a bond. Collateral can consist of payments via credit card, the title to a car, the deed to a home, or other assets on paper.

Felony Bail Bondsman Release You to Go Home

You have a full life with a family, job, and responsibilities. You do not have the time or inclination to remain in jail while awaiting a court date Rely on our expertise and contact us right away for help.

For release from jail for a serious crime, contact us today for felony bail bonds. We provide felony bonding for clients in Miami, Miami Dade County and surrounding Counties in Florida.

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